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Pet Industry in Canada-Free-Samples for Students-Myassignmenthelp

Questions: 1. How does the pet industry in Canada differ in 2011 than in 1996? 2. What makes Oakville, Ontario an attractive target market? 3. Under what circumstances, would you recommend hiring an admin assistant or additional dog walkers? 4. What other ideas to you have to improve the operations of Pampered Pets. Answers: 1.In 2011, Canada had been depicted with an unprecedented demand for pet basics such as food and leashes. In this time, Canadian industry is depicted with an unprecedented increase in demand for luxury pet goods and services. The pet industry is considered with high demand as there is considerable increase in the purchase for luxury pet goods and services. This is further seen to be included with designer clothes, high quality shampoos, organic treats and spa services. It is further determined that some of the main form of trends responsible for the increasing nature of the demand in pet care service is depicted with increased demand for pet and related pet care accessories. The main feature in the pet care industry is created on the increased spending for pet care products. It is further seen that the industry experts had determined from the changes in the attitudes towards pets. In 2006, the total number of the operators in the industry had seen to be increased to an annual rate of 4%. The competitive pet market in Canada was seen to be fragmented in terms of the various types the other factors which is related to large business starting to enter the industry. In 2006 the overall spending for the pet care products in Canada was significantly less than 2011. Due to the increasing aspect of the growth of the business it was observed that there was considerable scope for the improvement opportunities related to providing improved service (Wang, Berardi Akbari, 2016). 2.Oakville pet market is depicted with several challenges which is based on the demand for high standards requirement in terms of the treatment of the pets. This may be challenging for the pet industry but this is seen to be major contributing factor for making the pet industry attractive in nature. In addition to this, the well-connected nature of the community, word of mouth marketing is seen to be crucial to the sales of the company. Despite of the challenges in the Oakville pet market the rationale for attractive target market is evident with a median household income per household to be more than $ 100,000. This is considered to be well above the average $ 70,000 in Ontario as a whole. Oakville is considered to be having a particularly aging population with more than 50% of the 165000 residents to be older than 40 years. In addition to this, some of the main form of the depiction based on the demographic factors is able to ensure that a large percentage of market is able to seek the necessary assistance in terms of luxury high standard pet care service on a regular basis (Mozes et al., 2017). 3.As per the current process it is discerned that De Marchi was going through significant physical toll on herself. She was hardly able to get any time for relaxing, maintaining personal relationships with others and even address the basic needs such as sleeping and eating. In addition to this, there was significant mental stress and exhaustion. The importance of hiring an admin assistant needs to be considered with highest priority as she was not able to maintain her schedule in an amicable way. It needs to be further determined that appointment of an admin assistant will be conducive in letting her preparing for the University education and solve various challenges associated to the intellectual concerns. Adding an additional admin assistant would allow De Marchi to better manage the back-end operations of the pampered pets. In addition to this, the administrative assistants will be responsible for corresponding with the clients, managing of pampered pets and preparing the invoices . Henceforth, the consideration for an additional administrative assistant will not only allow smooth back end operations, but it will also allow De Marchi to take additional dogs for a walk. This will also allow her to execute the various types of the clerical duties and the concerned clients will be more comfortable in sharing security related information with other employees. The strategy of adding another admin assistant will also prevent the threat of poaching the clients by full time dog walkers (if considered). This will prevent separation of the business. As De Marchi will herself take the dogs for a walk there is more possibility that the clients will be more satisfied and the pampered pets will be served in a better way. This will further allow her to maintain privacy of the information which the client desires to share (Neillyet al., 2015). 4.Some of the other aspects to contribute to the improving operations is seen to be depicted in terms of purchasing a van. This van can be mostly managed by her as she will be getting most of the time with an additional admin assistant able to manage the various types the other instances of including more dogs at a time to be taken for a walk. Some of the different types of the other aspect of the improvement process is understood with the taking the dogs for a stroll in distant locations. Despite of the increasing cost of $ 1000, handling five dogs at a time will be conducive for the company to reduce the cost and enable to take the dogs for a trip with a shorter time span. This strategy will also allow to reduce the waiting time for the dogs and avoid the rush for taking one dogs at a time as in case of walk. Despite of the significant nature of the cons with the increasing cost of this strategy, it will allow De Marchi to diversify her business there by introducing newer breeds. D e Marchi will be also able to avoid various types of non-essential services by taking this strategy (McLean, 2015). References McLean, C. A. (2015). The Employment-Impact of Automation in Canada. Mozes, R., Pearl, D. L., Rousseau, J., Niel, L., Weese, J. S. (2017). Dermatophyte surveillance in cats in three animal shelters in Ontario, Canada.Journal of feline medicine and surgery,19(1), 66-69. Neilly, B., Allen, S., Ballinger, J., Buscombe, J., Clarke, R., Ellis, B., ... Paterson, A. (2015). Future supply of medical radioisotopes for the UK report 2014.arXiv preprint arXiv:1501.03071. Wang, Y., Berardi, U., Akbari, H. (2016). Comparing the effects of urban heat island mitigation strategies for Toronto, Canada.Energy and Buildings,114, 2-19.

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